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Apr 21, 2020
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Hello Everyone, great to be on here. :)

I am delving into the depths of maneuvering GMB listings as I am starting to get more involved with this and have two questions.
First, I noticed that as of lately there are a lot of either pending edits, or updates or even closures that were not done by us (agency) or by our clients, but unless we log into the accounts, we would never know. I tried to find a setting to get automatic notifications if such an update or edit happens, but was not able to find it. Does anyone have a suggestion?
Second, is there a way to stop Google from just erasing business descriptions and other items on our clients GMBs and how would we be able to see what has been updated. I feel, I literally would have to have screenshots of every time I log in to assure I know what has been edited. Any ideas on this subjects would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Local Viking has an alert system that you can set via email or text that notifies you when a change has been made.
BrightLocal also has a notification that can be sent out when changes to the GMB profile are made. However, I haven't found their notifications to work very well.

I'm not aware of any free solution.

GMB really should send a notification email to all admins notifying them of a change or suggested change (as FB does) to their listing.

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