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How do you deal with crappy photos on listings for remote clients?

  • Keep sending them tutorials, maybe they will finally get the idea!

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  • Cancel the client's account, they don't deserve me.

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May 20, 2017
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Some clients, sometimes, have "less than optimal" (total crap) photos in their profiles and seem to lack the ability or will to correct the situation by themselves no matter how many tutorials and videos you throw at them.

For nearby clients the solution is simple, I get my cam and make new photos myself but...

How do you solve the problem with remote clients from distant cities?

And on a funny note... What do you tell them when they come to you with rumblings of discontent because their CTR is low?
You could help them find a Google Trusted Photographer in their area

In addition to the virtual tour, I believe they will also take a bunch of additional photos of the business and staff.
I am a Trusted Photographer with over 1000 business shoots under my belt.

The program is changing and there it stuff I can't talk about, however it is common knowledge now that the "See Inside" box has disappeared, and the Google publishing tool has been closed, replaced with an API which only a handful of companies have access to, so everything is still in flux.

In your situation I would suggest a few options:

1) Join the Google Local Guides group (on Google+?) in that area and get in touch with someone who enjoys creating local content, either for free or paid.
2) Reach out to local art/photography students either directly or Craigslist.
3) Use a task web site like Taskrabbit to get the job done.
4) Ask them if they have any relatives like a son/daughter/niece/nephew with a new phone (iPhone 6 or 7 or Galaxy S7, S8, etc) who can do the job. These new phones take surprisingly great photos, as long as they upload the full image, you can easily crop it to look better.

I have found that there is a big difference between clients being able to do things themselves, rather then paying for someone to do it for them. That's why I have a job :D
Thank you Adam, this is most helpful!

On another matter... Since I was first recommended to ask some google certified photographer, I took a look into the program to see how it works, after reviewing the program and reading a few blogs and watching some youtube videos about the program... I came up with a cunning plan :p

I reached the conclusion that 90% of a trusted photographer work time was sales and 10% actual photo related work, most photographers seemed very happy with the photo work, but not so much with the selling obligations, hence, as a marketer / sales man, I was wondering if I could do the 90% sales work and let photographers the 10% photo work, in other words, sell the service to final customers and send the clients to certified photographers.

As per what you are sharing here, the conditions are changing and now not only it is much harder to enter the program, but also most photographers that were in the program will be forced to abandon unless they start using the API?
How does this affect my cunning plan?
Would you, as a google certified pro want to use such a service?

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