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Dec 8, 2014
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What is the connection (how does Google connect) reviews left for your company on Facebook or Yellow Pages or some other site in order to show those reviews in your Google My Business box on the right side of Google?

How do we get GMB to provide a link to Twitter if they are already linking to Facebook for example?

The reviews from around the web linked in the KG generally correspond with what is ranking organically that have review aggregate markup on them and are showing gold stars.
Thanks Colan... I think perhaps I need more coffee as I did not quite understand this :)
I'll copy and paste what I have for this in my training manual :)

The reviews that show up in the knowledge panel under “Reviews from the web” generally correspond to the profiles that show up organically for a given search that have review aggregate markup on them and are showing gold stars. Sometimes these profiles might not be on the first page of the search results organically so you might have to go back a few pages to see them.

Since these are meant to be based on customer reviews, review sites that review the business as an employer (like Glassdoor) are often not included. Yelp is also never included.
Reviews from Around Web.png

Reviews from Around Web.png
This is helpful thank you!
I am going to attempt to identify the sites that would be relevant for my client in the lice removal industry - we'll have to look outside of our city as none of the local competitors have links from anything other than FB or Google.

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