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Oct 15, 2015
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I have a prospective client who has 3 GBP listings. The main one is a brick-and-mortar location which is compliant. It is staffed, has signage and is open during the stated hours. But the previous agency set up two more listings in the suburbs around the main location. These SAB listings use the same phone number as the main listing. One of the SAB listings is doing really well and is ranking #1 even above listings with addresses showing. I don't know what addresses they used to set up these SABs, but likely they are using employee or family member home addresses.

Google's guidelines say for a SAB that "The boundaries of your profile’s overall service area shouldn’t extend farther than about 2 hours of driving time from where your business is based." Does that mean that it's okay for a business to set up additional SABs outside of that area?

The distance rule is a little murky. In this case it can take 1 hour to travel between locations if no traffic, but with traffic can take 2 hours or more. Plus the additional SAB listings are in different counties.

Are the additional SABs possibly compliant? If not, Is it possible to bring the two SABs into compliance?
The guidelines can be murky, but a question I ask is: if these profiles were suspended, could you prove that these locations are compliant and that you have no problems gathering the documentation for reinstatement?

In my opinion they are not compliant, in theory they should only have a central profile or they will have to open offices that are staffed, has signage and is open during the stated hours even for SABs
I would not worry about whether they are compliant now, but I would make it absolutely crystal clear to the client that if the SABs are suspended at some point in the future, you will not make any attempt to reinstate them unless the client can actually make the underlying locations fully compliant.
The SAB reinstatement process is similar, you just need a lot of documentation to prove the business is real, especially in the home services related categories. Video verification is only necessary when there is a need for verification.
Hi @Scott ClientClicks. Video verification is now the default, so I would be prepare every client for that.

Also, SAB reinstatement. is mostly the same as for bricks and mortar, except for no need for images. The client would still need to present several pieces of supporting documentation that support the listing title and location. If you're not sure of the veracity of the secondary addresses, I would prompt the client to start providing insurance and utility bills for each address. If they can't provide it, I would counsel them about the future of their listings.

Good luck,

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