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Apr 15, 2013
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Just wondering on average how long do you find for a new review (negative or positive) to change the listings rankings for a geo-specific keyword.

I know it depends on a lot of factors, but do you find with your listing is that your listings rankings usually change instantly once a review is posted, or do you find it take a couple days/weeks for the review to have a impact on rankings?

Hi Matt,

I don't think the algo is that clean cut and I don't believe a single review has a direct and measurable impact. Don't get me wrong. Reviews are important and are one of many ranking signals that can help. But I've never heard anyone say, I got a new review and my ranking jumped.

If reviews were that strong of a ranking signal, the listings with the most reviews would be on top and that's not always the case. One quick example. Irving Dentist. (Irving Tx.) A and B have 1 and zero reviews. C, D, E have 13 - 32.
Mike B once mentioned that there is a slight ranking increase that usually accompanies the 10thish review.

We do not see much change in ranks as reviews increase. Maybe a bump or two, but because we focus on so many factors its hard to tell what worked in the bump. We do, however, see that when we spread out the reviews on external sites like Yelp, we see our clients take up more real estate on page one of serps. Interested in that 10TH review idea Colan mentioned. Will have to try that with a client we are working on boosting ranking for. He is sitting around 7 reviews and his competitors are in 30+
Another angle on the question for the thread. I assume you were asking about organic? How about the local results? Do you see more direct results in local once you have the five reviews with stars in your listing?


Reviews have zero effect on one’s organic Google rankings. Only Places/Plus.

They only affect organic rankings to the extent you’re talking about the rankings of review sites themselves. For example, let’s say you wanted your Yelp listing to pull in some organic rankings for whatever search term. Besides making sure you’ve picked out the right categories for it, the best way to get that listing moving is to scare up a couple reviews from customers. (That's the case with other sites, too - not just Yelp.)
I've heard the 10th review rumor. It surfaced around the time Google switched to the Zagat rating format. Before that, I had heard about a 5th review rumor.

Now, if it is true, I wonder if it's stuck at the 10th or has gone back to the 5th.

Honestly, I don't really believe a certain # of reviews gives you a bump as I have not seen that myself but there's honestly no way to be 100% sure. Just guesses.

Ironically, I'm running a ranking report right now for a client that got his 5th review 4-5 days ago and nothing yet. I'll try to remember to report back on the 10 review.

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