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Aug 8, 2012
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My client's business has moved locations but old location is still showing

When i report as closed, they ask "Please tell us when this place was closed and, if applicable, the name of the business currently at this location. If the business at this location has moved, please tell us the new location."

Should i give the new location (he already has a verified/merged g+ listing at new location that ranks well and i dont want to mess anything up) ?
Shonda it should not hurt or affect anything with the new listing. All it will do is 2 things that could be helpful for the business.

1) Close the old so it does not merge with new or Google does not keep flipping the new address back to the old.

2) It will put a marker on the old location saying this business has moved with a link to the new listing which 'could' help an old customer that searches for them by name find the new listing.
ok - so to make sure i'm clear, when marking as permanently close, put the new address OR the correct google+ page link (or both?)

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