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Jan 27, 2021
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Would anyone be able to advise us on the steps or requirements I would need to be able to access and manage a clients LSA account and lead inbox.

The Situation:
  • Client has accepted our user request to manage their Google Ads account via our Ads Manager.
  • We are a manager of the client's GMB location.
  • Inside client's Google Ads dashboard I see nothing related to LSA which I expected. (Some old but normal paused search campaigns.)
  • Downloaded the L.S.A app on IOS and tried to access Sign in - Google Accounts
  • No luck getting in shows "This account isn't enrolled in Local Services ad"
Question and thoughts:

Would I now need to request clients' email and password used to enroll in LSA or am I missing something simple that's right in front of me?
Do I not have the correct admin access to their LSA account? (We followed the steps outlined Manage access to your Local Services Ads account - Local Services Help)
Has the client possibly not given us the correct level access to their account?

Update Note:
  • Using a different email under a different Google Ads email (This account is not related to current agency manager account)
  • Unlike before when visiting homeservices/inbox I can now access an empty MCC dashboard
  • Attached loom vid link > Loom | Send a video. Not a thousand words.
Thank you guys.

Accessing homeservices inbox.jpg

Ads Manager_client_account_managers.jpg

Clients Users and access inside our Ads Manager .jpg
Do you know if the client already had their LSA account linked to a different MCC? I've seen something like this happen in the past when I connected our MCC to an LSA account that was already connected to an MCC. What we ended up doing was setting up a separate email address not associated with our MCC and connected that to the client's LSA account.

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