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Jun 6, 2018
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Hey guys, I have 2 websites, one for pc repair which I had setup for GMB years ago. Now that I have to offer web design and SEO since pc repair jobs here in NY had been going downhill for years now, what should I do please for the Web Design/Seo services? Should I create another GMB separately for that?
Hey Mike,

If it's the same business you can only have one GMB. You can't create separate GMBs for each service you offer.

Does that help?
Hmnn, well yes Colan, makes sense the way you put it. So now I am thinking since it's 2 separate sites, can I add the SEO site to the GMB and optimize it in GMB to try to get 3 pack rankings? I think that's my issue having 2 separate sites for separate services.
Create a new GMB and new website for your secondary service. Because they are totally different categories altogether.

By this, you're creating a powerful SILO structure of your website and also dedicated GMB with proper category and subcategories to it. As PC repair can have many different kinds of PC repairs like a laptop, notepad, desktop, and brands, etc.

Similarly, for SEO, there are different kinds of SEO. Local, international, e-commerce, Shopify, youtube, bigcommerce etc.

You get the point right? Niche down, and have a dedicated page for each service can do the trick.

Worth the effort you put up at the end.

Hope this helps.
I don't want to risk being penalized by google, would this be seen by google as fishy seeing two different sites with same location by same owner and info?
You're going to use the same address, but a different phone number, categories, etc... That shouldn't be a problem when it comes to GMB filtering.

Please do a cross-check in this forum about the GMB filtering.
You're going to use the same address, but a different phone number, categories, etc... That shouldn't be a problem when it comes to GMB filtering.

Please do a cross-check in this forum about the GMB filtering.

It's not really the filtering that you need to worry about. You're right, the filter wouldn't come into play if the primary categories are different. The problem is that creating the second listing is breaking GMB's guidelines so you're at risk of a suspension. So this isn't a good approach if you are looking for a sustainable strategy.
That's what I am thinking. So does this mean I should forget about GMB for for this other site and just try to rank in the SERP's?
Agree with @Colan Nielsen . As there are more GMB's are created from co-working spaces. I work from a co-working space and running a GMB for it. Not a problem, in the same way if anything happens, we can sort it out with proofs, etc.

Like, a house room for PC repair, and other room for the website designing, SEO related services.

@mikepcservice Just get started with the website, now or later you needed the website. GMB part, you can figure out in the journey.
Am I the only one who is bothered by this and feels that it is wrong?
No you're not, this doesn't feel right to me guys so I will leave this alone and just try to do the best SEO as I can do to rank in the SERP's. Appreciate the help!
@mikepcservice And keep in mind that your single GMB listing can rank for multiple services. Just add the right GMB categories, make sure your onsite optimization is solid and make sure you get reviews from customers of that service.
Well wait a minute, maybe I am not using the right terminology here but that was what I was inquiring about but what I am not understanding is "how" I would be able to work on a 2nd site in the GMB console?

I am thinking only way to work on a 2nd site will mean having to create a separate GMB for it. Some guys had told me I can "declare them as sister sites" but I did not get any further instructions on how to do this?
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I concur with Suresh on this, the best way would be to have a separate GMB for your SEO/Webdesign business. It is always good to have just one GMB for different services, however only if different services comes under same category so for any PC hardware related services like PC repair, PC assembling or selling computer/laptops you should have just one GMB. But here you are opening an entirely new business so you should have a separate GMB with different category, website, phone number etc and can have same address.

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