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Jun 28, 2012
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All forum members in good standing can create a signature which will appear below any posts they make (you can see mine below this post).

To create one, or to edit your current one, click on your member name in the navigation bar:


You'll then see a drop-down menu where you can make many changes affecting your account:


Click on Signature and you can set up or edit a signature. :)

Please check Welcome Message and Forum Rules for limitations on signatures.
DJ, does the "Latest Blog:" content get pulled in automatically or is manually created?
It requires a minimal amount of manual setup in the member's account but after that is automatic. However, it is only available to certain members (staff, Local Search Experts) at this time.
Ok I get it, thanks. What would be allowed or acceptable for a normal member like myself?
For your signature? You can link to your site, blog, specific blog posts, Facebook or Twitter account, etc. Your signature is limited to 3 lines.
Thats wonderful ..........lots of forums charge for that like BHW ....not that I am trying to encourage you
The message. There are no plans to charge for this. The membership here is a professional one and it's just a small way of thanking our members for participating and contributing. :)
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