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Apr 19, 2019
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Ive been searching for hours and cant find an answer and need urgent help. Im trying to become a google trusted photographer. I bought a 360 camera. Do i just upload 50 pictures? Do they need to be from 50 locations or is multiple from one place ok? Does it need to be several pictures editied into a virtual tour or is a single 360 pic ok? If someone else already uploaded a picture in that location is that ok too?
I have been researching this for a friend for a few days. As far as I can tell you download the app and take 50 (360) images and upload them. I guess you'll find out more when you download the app. Let me know what you find out. Please
Isn't there a program? Do they not have a support channel?
I have not seen one and I've looked.
I can tell you that Google got rid of their tool designed to aid in making 360 tours for some inexplicable reason. And that things are easier for Android users over iOS users as far as availability of tools and documentation.

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