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Nov 21, 2013
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We are a large business and have over 1500 branches currently and we are constantly rebranding and taking over new branches. If there is already a pre existing branch out there and we then buy it, how can we move that Google+ Local page to our dashboard and claim it and change the business name etc.

We would like the reviews and history to move with it. Apart from updating citations are there nay other ways to do this?

Thank You
What you will want to do is submit a request to change listing ownership, which can be done by visiting the listing, scrolling down to the contact information box, clicking "edit details" which will open map maker and then to right right clicking "manage this place." Then just follow the prompts. If you change the business name, the reviews shouldn't move, and you SHOULD retain the listing "history."

There has been some discussions on whether you should change the citations first, then update the listing, or vice versa. I haven't tested it in some time, but IMO, citations first, then change the name of the listing. My thinking is that Google, when you change the name, will go out and crawl info related to that biz, and as long as it finds some, ideally accurate, you are good to go. Do it the opposite way, and it finds inconsistencies and burn baby burn. Again, IMO.

Now, with Google's recent guideline change related to the biz name, I don't know how this changes things. If there is less emphasis on the consistency of the name in places or not. Hard to say. For the time being, I would assume the old rules stand. At least until more folks have tested 'er out.

Good luck!

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