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Aug 7, 2013
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Local U has posted a walk through on moving your Youtube Channel from your personal G+ to your Business page. This process can be tricky, so If you're having issues be sure to contact Google Support. The last thing you want to do is delete an account. It sure would be nice to have the option to link one YouTube channel to a business with several locations. Just sayin'

G+ Page In One Account, YouTube In Another? No problem!

The new ideal setup is to have the YouTube channel of your business connected to the Plus page of your business. If an account was set up prior to the integration, it?s a matter of disconnecting the channel from the Plus page it is currently associated with(usually a personal page by default). This can be done through the YouTube account settings. Then, the channel needs to be reconnected with the Plus page of the business. However, if a channel and business page exist within two separate accounts, the process can be a bit more tedious.
Dusty I recently successfully completed the process of matching the YouTube business Google+ account (that was created when my YouTube account was split into personal and business) with my business Google+ Local page. So now I have YouTube videos on that page rather than just videos.

I could not have done it without the help of YouTube support - who were extremely prompt and clear in their actions and explanations.
Great. I think Google and Youtube support has gotten better. I have noticed a wait time on Google Places support over the last few weeks though and was told that they are beginning to see a bigger backlog of support requests. Compared to other support channels I am happy.
Judging by the exchanges that my client has recently had with Google Places, I suspect this backlog is because of repeat tickets when the general public just do not understand the rules properly.

So many cannot grasp that they cannot show their address if they are really a SAB and want to argue the toss. They are referred to the guidelines and Google's very particular definition of what constitutes a SAB which might not agree with the business owners' viewpoint.

I guess they are like the rest of us - before Linda's training :)
I have noticed a longer wait time as well Justin, but still well worth the wait to have the issues resolved properly and quickly. I feel like I've been on the phone this whole week with support to get client issues resolved, but in the end, they were in fact corrected.:D

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