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Mar 15, 2016
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How to Develop a Relationship With Your Local Chamber of Commerce for Client Prospecting

Your local chamber of commerce is your local power broker.

They have their hand on the pulse of every business in your local community. You can use their groups to generate leads, but only if the powers that be approve.

It's perfect for prospecting.

But that's also the reason why it doesn't work for most. There's a secret to networking, one insiders aren't eager to share with outsiders.

Andrew goes on to explore 2 strategies for joining your local chamber of commerce, developing relationships, and ultimately finding review management clients there.

Read the entire post here.

Have you joined your local chamber of commerce and developed relationships that have lead to more clients? Any anecdotes about what worked? What was a disaster? Any advice for others who have not joined their community in this business capacity?

To add to this- A lot of COC's have blogs and are more than happy to accept a guest blog post from their members, particularly when it's helpful to it's other members. I've had great success with this, they're nice local links on (usually) high authority sites.
Thanks Dan. I think that's such a great idea. You not only establish yourself as an expert to the community, but you also earn those local links. Appreciate the reply :) (y)

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