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Jun 28, 2012
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I'm sure many consultants here would like to be able to export GMB dashboard data either for better analysis over time since the reports are limited OR for making your own custom client reports.

Well now you can, thanks to a detailed post from Jackson Lo at Local University.

<a href="">How to Export Data from the Google My Business Dashboard Insights Report - Local University</a>

One of the biggest challenges agencies face working with small businesses is reporting. Up until now, there didn’t appear to be any way for us to export our data out of Google My Business. It’s not a new feature added to the Insights section. In fact, it’s as easy as copy and paste.

I believe Views and Clicks (and CTR) on your Google Listing are important metrics to make note of. Many of the conversion points, like walk-ins and phone calls don’t get logged anywhere. Therefore, there is no way to report them to your clients. Insights gives us at least a bit of an edge on seeing how often our listing shows up and whether potential customers are clicking on our page.

Here is Mike's post about it:

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Great info Jackson!

What do you think???
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