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Nov 7, 2016
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A business that I represent recently started working with a new marketing firm. Someone on the new team requested access to the business' longtime verified active GBP listing and apparently did not get accepted in a timely manner so they contacted Google support to appeal and ended up getting control of the listing.

But what actually happened is Google created a BRAND NEW listing for the business and marked our longtime verified, active listing with fully built-out content, posts, etc as a duplicate.

We're trying to get the proper, longtime active listing reinstated as the main listing and Google support is refusing to help.

Has anyone seen this happen before? Is there anything we can do to recover the old listing that has had a lot of work put in to content and optimization, or is that listing now completely lost?

Here is the link to the original listing that is now showing as a duplicate:: Update your browser to manage your Business Profile - Google Business Profile Help

Here is a link to the new listing that was created in error: Update your browser to manage your Business Profile - Google Business Profile Help

Any more information I can provide that can help someone help me solve this issue? Thank you so much in advance! As a longtime GBP/GMB/Google Places practitioner, this is one issue I have not run into in a very long time.
Once Google marks a business profile as duplicate there is no way to revert it back. All you can do is request access to the new profile.
Last month, I had two locations that were irregularly marked as Duplicates and for the first time since I've been dealing with those, Google Support managed to recover the deleted pages fully. They even managed to pertain the same CID links. :love::eek:

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