Jan 11, 2014
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I'm either lost or I do not know what I'm doing, my phone will not ring. I have listed my site on Google, Yahoo and Bing and verified with each of them, along with countless citations. I serve my customers at their location so majority of the citations and search engines will just show my city and state. I have used the same NAP for all search engines and citations. I have filled out every description, services we offer, brands we carry, products we sell on our website, areas we serve, photos of our work, hours of operation, payments accepted and the same website landing page throughout. For Google we rank number 1 for our very small town, and in a 50 square mile radius we have very little competition. I think exposure for surrounding cities would help out.

Website Landing page: this is an inner page on my website, that has been optimized for my local area. Car Audio or Home Theater Installation in Connersville & Richmond, IN

Citations I have: superpages, hotfrog, brownbook, iBegin, kudzu,, manta, citysquares, ezlocal, merchantcircle,, yellowbot, angieslist, yellowpages, yellowbook, yelp,, thumbtack, insidepages, magicyellow, nokia prime places, b2byellowpages, showmelocal, ExpressUpdate

Stuff I don't have: Reviews, Organic results, back links, content

Stuff I don't understand how to do: Back links, Organic results, content and I think I know how to get reviews but obviously I don't because I don't have even one.

Stuff I believe will help: Make a page for each city we serve, with unique content for each page on our website. I just don't know what to do with the pages after they are made. Do the pages just display on our website and that's it?
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Sep 27, 2012
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When I visit the page you listed, my impression is you want me to buy something, not call you. Your phone number resides atop of a busy page and it does not stand out to me. Do you want me to buy something through the shopping cart or do you want me to call you? Clearly and boldly define what you want your visitors to do. Make it fool proof. You need to define your conversion funnel. Tell visitors what you want them to do.

You have a few cities listed at the bottom of your homepage. Build those pages out. Build them out for home installations and auto installations. Each city could get several pages, one for each of your services if you wanted to get crazy.

You have a TON of content you can create. Installation guides by manufacturer, self made product reviews (video reviews would be even better), newest technology, frequent problems encountered by car manufacturer (every manufacturer has something quirky that you need to know before installing), FAQ page, and the list goes on. Content can be your catalyst for links. GoodGreat, high quality, unique content which earns links will get your organic rankings booming. Unique product descriptions will help too. Of course, it is not as easy as it sounds.

Links are a major driving force for rankings. The links you earn are typically the best links to acquire. If you don't have one already, get yourself a Google Webmaster Tools account and see what is going on behind the scenes, in the eyes of Google. It's always good to know how Google views your site. Not completely related but very important IMO.

Phil Rosek (http://www.localvisibilitysystem(dot)com/products/) has some great information about getting reviews. Definitely worth the read.

Hope this helps. You are heading in the right direction.

Linda Buquet

Local Search Expert
Jun 28, 2012
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Allen before working on other cities I'd work on getting your core presence set up right.

I've given you a lot of advice in other threads and it does not appear much has been worked on yet. Trust me, some of the things I've been suggesting could help.

One of the very most basic things is missing or wrong. To rank high, Google ideally needs to tie your site and Place page together.

Your site is missing on your Place page. It's not on there at all.

So for example you rank in the pack for Audio Visual equipment Connersville, IN.
BUT no web site, just your G+ page. So if anyone clicks that link they just see G+. No products, no services. All the additional details that are on your site are not visible to them. So they are less likely to call if they can't see all you offer.

Is the site listed inside your dashboard?

Note: Since it still looks like an online only store, be sure to link to your installation page and still need to make that page look more local, as I explained in one of the previous thread, so Google does not delete your Place page. Need your local number big and high on that page (to counteract the fact it looks like an ecom store) and cities you serve I'd put in bigger font right on top. So customers and Google moderators can't miss it. Again neither will read all that text, they'll miss it.

Linda Buquet

Local Search Expert
Jun 28, 2012
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Once again since this post is about a specific business, not a general discussion topic, I moved to help and support. (Just like your other posts I had to move as well.)

Please do not keep starting new threads as members taking their time to help you won't see all the other threads where we've given you lots of advice and I don't want folks wasting their time giving you some of the same advice that's already been given.

Thanks, Linda


Jan 20, 2014
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If I may be so bold as to add, that I would consider hiring a professional Local SEO company to manage your overall presence. From Listing management to website.
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