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Apr 26, 2023
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Hi Guys,

On the second of April, I had someone from Pakistan randomly add multiple fake reviews in my Google Business Profile. Once, he added the review he randomly messaged me via Whatsapp and I asked him to remove it as it was not genuine and fake. He told me i have to pay him for the reviews, i told him that i don't need it as its fake and misleading. I told him to remove it but he refused and I told him I will let google know. I raised a ticket for Google but they didn't remove these fake reviews.Google [5-7762000033491]

Consequently, My competitors that had barely any reviews have now multiple reviews and they’re all done by this person. His adding multiple fake reviews so they can rank higher in google. They're using the same account to write reviews for their listing. I have attached below a list of users they're using across both their accounts.
Both these profiles either had no or 1 review at the beginning of April and now they've somehow got 70 and 30 plus reviews. I'm 100% certain they're all fake. If you look into all their reviews, Most of their review's are written at 3 and 4 am in the morning here (Sydney, Australia time).

It looks like this guy that offered me approached these two listings and they accepted. These guys are paying someone from Pakistan or India to leave them reviews and they're no where near where the business operates in Sydney, Australia,

These two listings below have all fake/spam reviews:
Box Maxi Cabs (
Schofields Maxi Cabs ( Schofields Maxi Cabs - Google Search)

I have attached a list of all Duplicate users.

Please help me out as I've worked really hard to get my reviews.


Duplicate Users.JPG
I would post a thread over at the official Google business profile forum and clearly list out your evidence for why you think they are fake

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