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Jan 13, 2022
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Hey everyone,

Is there any way I can get a snippet of who's managing a business profile other than clicking on "Own this business?"? I noticed that not all profiles have that option. Thank you!
Hi all,

So this is regarding my initial question about requesting ownership of a GBP profile. I was able to gain access to the profile, but it won't let me edit the information because they need me to verify it first. Under the Business Profile Manager, though, the profile shows as "Duplicate". Is it what it's supposed to look like until I verify?

*I have never requested ownership before, so have no clue at all.

TIA :)
No, it should not look like that. Duplicate means there is another listing out there Google thinks is the same and they have merged the two listings. This can happen when the business name, address and/or phone number are the same across multiple listings. This process cannot be undone, so the listing you now have access to cannot be restored or verified.

You need to identify the other listing and determine why Google merged them. If you have access to this other listing, great. If not, you will need to find it and go through the request ownership process again. If you cannot find it, contact support and ask them to identify the duplicate listing for you.

Read more about it here How To Resolve Duplicate Addresses in Google My Business - Sterling Sky Inc
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Thank you so much @ElizabethRule! I couldn't find the duplicate listing on Maps, so odd. We have other locations with the same name, but addresses and phone numbers are all different. I'll try to contact support then :)

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