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Jul 18, 2012
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As many of you know, CitySearch is an important directory to submit your business too but if you tried lately, you probably noticed their "add a business" form isn't working (and hasn't been working for some time).

I called CitySearch today to ask them if they were doing away with free submissions. The good news is they are not! Here is the skinny...

They made changes to their site recently and during that, the "Add a Business" function broke. They are working on a fix but they don't know how long it will be before it's up and running again.

In the mean time, you can add your business for free by emailing them directly at:

In your email, just give them your NAP, web address, and a category. They'll have the listing created for you within 3-5 days and it will be searchable on their site within 2 weeks. You can also use that same address to remove dupes or correct existing listings.

Just thought I'd share this info with everyone.

Travis Van Slooten
Travis you ROCK! :)

Thanks for taking the time to share that with our members!
Yes Travis, it works. I have personally tried it successfully a few times but at times you need to followup with them if your listing fails to appear in the committed time. Having a listing on CitySearch is also important because Judy's Book picks up data from them.

I have found the customer support folks at CitySearch / CityGrid are very helpful so reach out to them at the email address that Travis has shared to ameliorate your listings (dupes, invalid NAPs) on CitySearch.

Needless to say, once the listing is active you can claim it and further enhance it by adding more information and images.
Thanks for confirming Vijay and welcome to the forum!

Travis, I saw Phils post about this too. Good job! Here is the link:
<a href="">How to Add a Free CitySearch Business Listing (Temporary Solution)</a>
Thanks again for the intel, Travis, Linda, and Vijay!

As I alluded to in the comments on my post, I think this temporary workaround for CitySearch is really worth "spreading awareness" of.
Thanks guys. Glad I could help. It definitely works because our listing is up on CitySearch...yea. Now we just get hounded by the CitySearch sales rep to upgrade our listing:mad:

Travis Van Slooten
Travis. Thanks for posting this. That will come on very handy.

Has anyone encountered fuzzy nap data pushed via City Grid and being syndicated incorrectly on the entire city grid network? I have a client who is listed on CitySearch, Judy's Book, Yellow Pages? Etc with a 800# and tracking website URL (rather than their actual site).

Any idea how to clean this type of thing up?

Probably the place I?d start is with the main data-providers ( and, if you haven?t already.

Also, I?m not sure what line of work your client is in, but you *may* also want to check ServiceMagic. I had one case last year where my client had exactly the same erroneous info on ServiceMagic as on CitySearch, and seemingly nowhere else. Coincidence? Maybe. But it?s worth a quick check if your client is in a service industry.

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