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Dec 8, 2014
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Hi there!
Can anyone provide some ideas as to how to trigger our Google+ page for a non branded search?

I'm not sure if G+ page is the correct term - but if you were to Google our brand, the box that would pop up on the right (that is tied to Google My Business). It shows up for our brand, but if you search for a generic phrase, our competitor's box shows up.

We are a new business and actively trying to gain visibility!

Thank you,
Hi there, the local knowledge panel box is generally only supposed to trigger for branded searches. If it's triggering for non branded, it's because it thinks it's a branded search. Usually because the business has a name that's also a common search term.

Can you provide specific details so we can take a look for you?
Thank you Colan :)

An example of a search term would be "lice removal Ottawa" - if you need to provide more direction to Google, it would be Ottawa, ON Canada.

There are 4 paid ads - none by the brand that is showing up on the right.

One company dominates the top 2 organic positions; there is a 2nd company that takes the 3rd position and the company that shows up on the right is in the 4th position (Nit Hunters).

Stop scratching now everyone :)

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