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Jun 28, 2012
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Ahrefs just did a good post about doing Local keyword research using Google Trends, so I wanted to share that along with some of my older posts on the topic.

<a href="">How to Use Google Trends for Local Keyword Research - Ahrefs Blog</a>

Most SEO professionals already know it: Google Keyword Planner is made for advertising and fails at keyword research for organic traffic.

There is still another free tool in the Google toolset that can be very helpful though.

Indeed Google Trends is better than ever for this task, that’s why I mostly recommend it now for starters instead of the many free or paid alternatives. By now it even allows you to determine local search traffic.

Here is an older post I did that goes into much greater detail about how to use Google Trends for local KW research in meaningful ways.

<a href="">LOCAL Keyword Research Tools and Tricks</a>

<img src="" alt="" title="LAPITrends" width="582" height="304" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-6767" />​

Here are a couple other good related posts if you want to learn more KW research tips.

<a href="">Fine Tune Local Keyword Research with Google Trends</a>

<a href="">Hot for Local! NEW Google Keyword Planner - KW Research by City - Page 2</a>

There is another tool I like for keyword research - mainly for content generation.
I need to do a post about it too.

Do you have any other KW tools or good posts to share???
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