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Feb 5, 2013
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This was my first time reporting a spammy listing but I am 99% sure it deserves it.

Heres how it went

1.) Clicked "Send Feedback" at the bottom of the page and submitted my feedback

Garland Electrician1.png

2.) You get to highlight the area relevant to your feedback

Garland Electrician2.png

3.) So I did!

Garland Electrician3.png

4.) Clicked next and this happened

Garland Electrician4.png
5.) Then I clicked "Submit" LIKE A BOSS...but

Garland Electrician report Fail.png

"Submission failed. Try again later."

If it was going to happen to anyone, it would be me.


Just wanted to add that I called the number and was greeted ​with "Milestone Electric, how can I help you" not "Garland Electrician".

View from Maps shows a residential neighborhood for that listing as well.

*This company has 3 listings for Garland Electrician in the Local pack: Position A (the one I tried reporting and biggest lie of all), Position D (checks out), and Position F (same website as listing in D position but address shows its in a residential neighborhood).

Garland Electrician1.png

Garland Electrician1.png

Garland Electrician2.png

Garland Electrician3.png

Garland Electrician4.png

Garland Electrician report Fail.png
Sorry Amber... so frustrating when that happens.
Sorry to hear that Amber, but thanks for sharing!

As Homer would say:

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Wow - you get so much more detail to report - we get just one tick box and one text box!

Margaret it looks like you were reporting in MM which is where to report a problem with an indiv listing.

But what I advised reporting in the Pigeon thread is reporting the bad results right on the bottom of the SERPS page as well because in the US its the bad algo that's surfacing all the spammy listings. So that's where she was reporting and it's a different form. I assume you get it there too.
D'oh! (><)!

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Sorry misread "at the end of the page".

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