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Jan 9, 2018
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I am considering locations for a change of office in a major suburban area. On an antidotal basis, I know my competitors tend to be clustered in the main city, and a few suburbs. I have identified several suburbs in which I know of few competitors. To further test, I do a search for my practice area like "{law type} lawyer in {TargetBurb}. The Google pack results are all off point. 2 do not have a remotely matching business category - nor do the websites of these firms indicate they practice {law type}. The other is a listing for an attorney that did {law type} and is listed as "temporarily closed". This office is indeed closed but not temporarily: man has been dead for over 5 years!

Are these incredibly bad results a sign of Google algo stupidity, or is it a sign that {TargetBurb} is indeed underserved in {lawtype}? That is, is Google saying, "well gee this is the best I can do"?

It is interesting to me - why would the algo not simply go out wider in its search? Isn't it better to show a lawyer that in fact practices {lawtype} - even if 10 miles away from {TargetBurb} rather than pick a non-matching practice area?
I would assume that yes, this means it's a great opportunity. I usually look with towns that don't have tons of listings with businesses actually physically in that city or ones that have listings that have very few reviews.
Larry, it sure sounds like you have found an underserved suburban market to me! To double check outside of the map-pack, have you seen this link that allows you to do a true "local" search from an arbitrary location? You can set the keyword and location here: Local & International Google SERP Checker

Not working properly, just did a search in Regina, it's giving me results from Georgia, Illinios, etc.

FireShot Capture 1421 - pest control - Google Search -

FireShot Capture 1422 - Local & International Google SERP Checker -
Wow this is super helpful actually. Thank you! Totally appearing much lower than the rank tracking software claims, very valuable info. Cheers man.
Totally appearing much lower than the rank tracking software claims, very valuable info.

It should be the exact same rank? But I think I know why the ranking is different...

To explain, that Chrome Extension performs its search using a very precise lat/long that is located at the center of the polygon that shaped like that local area, aka the "centroid" of Regina. You can see that the centroid for Regina is a very specific lat/long (you can see that lat/long in a screenshot in my previous post).

There are many other lat/long points in Regina. For instance, I just did some light Googling and there's a neighborhood in Regina that has the name of "Lakeview, Regina, SK, Canada." That has a different centroid lat/long, like so:

Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 2.09.22 PM.jpg

Anyway, each unique lat/long is going to show a different ranking. And I think that's what you're seeing...
Amazing, is there a way to control the granularity. This is a great tool. The site I'm tracking is a business directory not a local service area business but I'm sure you are correct about that. Bottom line, the solution is to strengthen rankings. I did some Cora tweaks that worked really well, waiting a few days then will do round 2.
Right. But can you set range?

It's just a localized SERP that shows you exactly what the SERP looks if done from a specific lat/long.

There's no "range," per se, so if you wanted to create a map like Local Falcon has (see attached), then you'd need to redo your search a zillion times, each with a slightly different lat/long...


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