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Jul 16, 2014
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Ok, so I've removed imposter businesses before on Google +, simply call and explain the businesses is a duplicate riding on the coattails of a legitimate business.

Having issues though for Facebook. Anyone had success?

1. I have sent removal requests multiple times, that the business is a duplicate, is closed, etc. Not sure how long this takes. Any way to reach a real person on the phone or email address?

2. I also have a few clients that don't have access to their Facebook page. Admin left the company and is no longer in contact. My thinking is to remove the existing page, then create a new business page that is legitimate and has access.

Thanks for your help!
That is frustrating.
1. No you won't be able to contact anyone ( of any use anyway).
2. You can try this:

You'll need proof of address and ownership of course, and you should be able to merge the pages.

This is an ongoing issue with Facebook and there is no shortcut, keep using their tools to try to do it the right way. At the end of the day, if they have no valuable 'likers' or 'fans', create a new page, garner 25 likes and try to change the username to something valuable for your client.

I hope this helps.
Thanks Tammy. That is an answer to one problem I'm having with another client.

Unfortunately, it appears someone created the page, it's not unmanaged. I've been sending duplicate requests and have reported the page several times, but it appears to not be working.

Facebook is frustrating. There also appears to be no solution to a client where a third party created the page, and they don't have access.
Hey it's gone! I'll let you know it did take about a month.

It was for my client that is an insurance agency, not sure what benefit the imposter got out of the impersonation, because they had almost the same name, categorized as a hospital.

It took about a month of reporting the business was a duplicate, typically 3 - 5 times per week.
YAY!!!! That's AWESOME :) Thanks for sharing! Now we know what to do if it ever comes up, and how long to tell clients to expect to wait.

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