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Apr 12, 2021
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Hello. Some recommendations on how to improve the positions of a GMB. Our GMB is set up as a service area for Toronto and the GTA. We appear in 4th position for the keyword (service+location). We have a website linked to the GMB. Currently the home page is like location.

On the site side, it is positioned among the first places. Except the GMB which does not rise above 4th. ...On the GMB side we publish, we upload geographical and named photos, what other actions should you take into account? Greetings.

I attach a photo from the GMB

Are you getting new, consistent reviews on the listing? Take a look at your competitors review counts and how often they get NEW reviews and make sure you are keeping up.

Make sure you have the right primary category as well as all relevant secondary categories. Then, make sure to check off all relevant services under each category.

check out these resources:
Adding photos will not help rankings.

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