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Apr 12, 2021
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Hello seos.
My cousin has his pest service company with a website and his GMB with an address and main office.

Well, we want to make another site with a name related to pests + city. For this we also want to create a GMB with the address of your residence. Is this possible to do?

Apparently you might have a problem with GMB verification. What other alternative do you recommend to be accepted? Greetings
You can use a home address if it meets the GBP guidelines and service area business rules.

Hi, thanks for your response.
What do you mean by service area business rules?

On the other hand, I was thinking of using the address of a current office but one that already has a registered company. Only the telephone number and company name are changed. Would this be possible?
The article I linked to talks about the service area business guidelines. That's what I'm referring to.
I'm curious, what is the purpose of the new website and GMB profile? Are you trying to establish a presence for the pest control company, but in another location?

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