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Sep 12, 2016
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We are running into an issue with a Google business listing description for Ivar's Acres of Clams (restaurant), which is not an issue I can resolve through our verified Google Business page. That particular restaurant is one of 26 other "Ivar's" restaurants but is fairly unique and distinct from the others. Map link here:

We would like to change the tag or description of our business, Ivar's Acres of Clams, as noted in Google Maps. Google describes us as "Counter-serve spot for fish 'n' chips, which is incorrect. That description would be for our sister company/restaurant located at the corner. How might we change that since it came from Google? There is a longer description in the same vein within Google search for "Ivar's Acres of Clams". We noticed that description carries through ALL "Ivar's" properties ? even ?Ivar?s Sports Bar? in Louisiana, which isn?t even one of our properties (odd).

A year ago, we filled out the "Incorrect summary on business page form". Within 6 weeks we were informed a specialist was working on it. Found out they couldn't immediately change it and stated that maybe in 6-months we could revisit and that summary might be moved into the business page portal. To date, it has not. Where does the summary originate? And why isn't there a fix to date? Heck, we'd be willing to go to the source if Google is pulling that from some other listing/citation service.

Any advice how to revisit this? The company owners are livid we can't enact some change. It's a bit stressful as they don't understand it's David vs. Goliath here.

Thank you!

Jim Werth
Ivar?s Restaurants
Can you try asking them to just remove it? I think that would be much faster than trying to get it changed.
Great answer. I did try that once before, but since the specialist team assigned couldn't track before, not sure what they could do now. Sometimes, I just think I'm getting the runaround.

However, I do have a new ticket open and we're emailing back and forth about setting up a call. I give them my phone number, they email back "please respond with a number" so we can service you. Or they say they called the number I provided and couldn't get in touch with me, even if I've been sitting by the phone all day (ugh). I figure I might try to jump on a chat too and maybe find some limited success there.

Wish me luck!
Good luck :) If you strike out, let us know.

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