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Apr 26, 2013
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What's a good strategy for dealing with independent insurance agents that handle multiple insurance companies (Pacificare, Healthnet, etc)? Google's bots seem to insist on adding duplicate entries for each of the companies as well as the main business listing, all with the same address, phone and website.

Would it make sense to follow the same strategy as dealing with a practice/doctors, where you direct the DRs to their own URLs?
Hi Mark,

Are you able to give an example of one of the situations? Links if possible.

The listing for the Travelers is marked as closed. Because of that it won't show up for local searches. It can only be found my name or phone number searches in Google maps.
Thanks for looking at this Colan.

I've been removing them as Google adds them back in, is this the best way to handle these? Would I be better off doing something to the entry that would leave it there, but not compete with the primary listing?

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