Bill Verboom

Sep 18, 2014
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Not sure if this has been posted before (search found nothing). I thought I would share the 3rd party registration instructions (with client email template ) for the Industry Canada website. Most of you Canucks likely know this but perhaps the out-of-towners will find it useful!

Companies usually self-register in Industry Canada?s CCC marketing site. Participating companies are required to create an account, complete their profiles online and update their profiles on a regular basis. In the case where an SEO company is entering its client on CCC, the procedure is different.

- For legal reasons, we need to ascertain that companies listed in CCC are aware that their company profiles will be appearing on the Industry Canada website.

- We also need to ensure that they have control of the company profile. The Industry Canada Account should be done in your client's name with the client's email address (not the control email you created to monitor the activities). Each company should have their own username and password.

- As you know, we contact all the registering companies. When we cannot confirm the above we do not approve the company listing. We also re-contact the companies registered in CCC every 12 to 18 months to verify that they still exist and to prompt them to update their profile (when a company does not update their profile on a regular base the profile is removed from the site).

The approach we have taken with third parties registering companies on their behalf is to establish a process to maximize successful registration. A process that has helped is to have you send an email to your client with a carbon copy to us ( You inform them that they have been registered, how they can access their profile and that Industry Canada will be in contact with them.

This helps in a number of ways.
- Firstly it provides us with some evidence that the company is informed and has access to the company profile.

- Secondly, when we call the company for confirmation the agents know ahead of time that the registration was done by a third party and will modify our call to include the reference.

- Thirdly, the client will be expecting the call and will know the context.
Please find below an example of an email that you might use to inform the client.

Company ABC

As part of our service we have registered your company profile in Canadian Company Capabilities database on the Industry Canada website (Home - Canadian Company Capabilities). This Government of Canada website promotes Canadian companies to domestic and international procurement agents. Business profiles on the site can contain comprehensive information on contacts, products, services, trade experience and technology.

One element of Industry Canada?s verification process is to telephone registering firm to confirm the registration. You should expect a call or email from Industry Canada asking that you confirm that you registered your company (or in this case that you have authorized us to register on your behalf). Because we did this on your behalf, Industry Canada may also seek to confirm that we have transferred to you the username and password associated with the registration.

For legal reasons, Industry Canada requires that the control of the company profile rest with the registered company. Please find below the username, password and security question used to create your Industry Canada User Account.

Security Question:
Security Question Answer:

You can change the password and security question by visiting the Industry Canada website

You will need your username and password to update your company profile. Industry Canada sends out yearly reminders to update the company profile. If profiles are not updated they are removed from public view. You can review, update or supplement your company profile by visiting the website Home - Canadian Company Capabilities.

Linda Buquet

Local Search Expert
Jun 28, 2012
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Hi Bill,

Thanks so much for sharing that with other members!
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