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Jul 22, 2012
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Just thought I would share something interesting with everyone. After reading WhiteSpark's blog about using schema markup better for local businesses, our firm decided to put this stuff to the test to see how quickly we could influence Google's Knowledge Graph. We used the logo markup (<img itemprop="logo" src="" />) to markup their logo on their site. Their logo was initially not on the Knowledge Card before we added schema but not more than a day later Google started showing the logo in the Knowledge Card.

We've been checking daily and hourly and the photo changes but this shows one interesting way you can tell Google more about what information that you want displayed about your business.

Note from Linda: Here is the logo markup code above that did not display right.
<img itemprop="logo" src="" />




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Very, VERY cool Michael!

Thanks so much for sharing!
It will be interesting to see if the Logo stays. Google has a predilection for photographs of people or places in local and they have an algo that periodically removes logos from the KG of local listings and replacing the logo with some other photo.
Yes, good point Mike. Will be interesting to see...
I wonder whether the logo appearing there is just a coincidence. Have you uploaded that logo along with other photos on your Google+ page? If so, does that logo happen to be the first image that you loaded in G+ photos?

I ask because that seems to be another way to get a particular image, including a logo image, appear in that spot in the Knowledge Graph. At least, It seems like that to me, based my experiments.
That photo currently is on the G+ page but it wasn't added first or last and has been up there for around six months and we kept getting the photos of the staff (which the client hated. There are other ways but it seems Google pays attention to this pretty quickly. After a few days of testing I think that the logo would stay if it was set as our G+ profile pic but I decided not to do this just to see how things would shake out.

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