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Should you become industry specific of industry agnostic in offering local search client services?

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Great insight Phil!

I really like the piece on qualifying clients. Choosing the right client usually results in a lot less stress and a much better relationship over time.

I agree with Joy it really depends on your goals. Each decision has its challenges. If you are an expert you might be painting yourself into a corner when it comes to growth and if you are agnostic prospects will assess your ability to be an expert in their space.

This question is a lot like the Mac v. PC debate to me. Why not both?

As you get more clients in a niche, establish yourself as more of an authority but don't be afraid to take on clients in new markets.

Thanks, Michael. Couldn't agree more. Each approach has its pros and cons. There are no solutions - only trade-offs.

If you're industry-omnivorous, at a certain point you can say, "Though I've worked with people in all kinds of industries, I've done a lot of work in your space." For me, the big 3 are medical, legal, and home-improvement (contractors). By no means do I "specialize" in those 3 areas, but I've got extra experience there.
That sound like the most effective route from a theoretical standpoint. It's not always easy to do that in real life.

Yea it's not simple but it's achievable over time. It sounds like you're taking a good approach by paying close attention to challenges of this sort of move.

This is also something that's simpler the earlier you start your business.

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