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Jun 28, 2012
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Was doing some research for a different Dentist.

Noticed that one listing that's always in the Pack, had dropped out and was down below pack in pure organic. Investigated...

Here is the listing. Don't want to mention names. KW = alpharetta pediatric dentist

Found a violation. One of their categories is simply the city. Alpharetta. No KW or service or anything, just the city.

So I'm not surprised if they got a penalty, I'm just kinda curious about how the penalty (if there even is one) was applied.

Because even though they dropped out of the pack, they still rank D in maps. You'd think if it was a penalty, they'd be penalized in map search as well.

Anyway I have a meeting, so no more time to research this one. Just sharing an observation. More later maybe if I have time. Or if anyone has any observations, please share.
Saw something like this today with business that had extra kw in title.

But I think there might be something more going on.
Thanks Keenan. Could be. My spidey senses have been tingling and several here have reported ranking drops over the past couple days.

But additionally this particular SERP is especially volatile. Have been tracking for months with screenshots and listings drop in and out of the pack constantly - almost like she's purposely shuffling, or testing, or overly fickle in this market. :eek:

So correlation is not causation and the cat may not be the problem.
Just thought I'd mention, since I noticed it.

Just finally made time to check MM and this listing was copied over by Places Data Copier, April of this year, with Alpharetta in the cats from the get-go. Surprised the algo didn't catch it.
I noticed the MM listing too but I don't think it's relevant.

After reviewing the rankings between Maps and Google, I think you're only seeing two blended results with the remaining 7-pack filled in with local listings. But the top 4 organic listings are not getting blended at all. That might explain why the Polkadot dentist is no longer in the 7-pk.

I would say it is interesting that the remaining 7-pk fall in order, but the last three are from positions 12, 14 and 17 where you would expect them to be more like 8, 9 and 10.

Edit: or something like that.
I noticed the MM listing too but I don't think it's relevant.

I was only pointing to MM to point out the timing of that bad cat. I thought if I could see that by chance it was just added and then they dropped out of pack it may point to a penalty. But it's been there since inception AND they are still ranking in maps so does not seem that relevant I agree.

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