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Jul 19, 2012
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Does anyone have a list of directories that accept local international businesses? I have a customer in Indonesia that needs some citations and it seems most of the major directories only accept US and a handful of other countries.

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Good question Dino! I too am looking forward to some answers and recommendations, as I wasn't able to find many citation sources for businesses based in Germany and Austria. :(
First, I went directly to Yahoo Local, Superpages,, Citysearch and a few others and was unsuccessful.

Then, I searched for my keyword and location and just looked through the first ten pages or so. Often directories are listed within organic search results. Unfortunately, I was only able to come up with Trip Advisor and Viator (my cleint is in the travel industry) and I've already got those covered.

I can look through each directory to see if they accept international listings, but I was hoping someone would have a list to save me some time.

I'll post here if I find it. Please let me know if you find anything, too.


Hi Dino,

Some time ago I wrote an article (part of a series) covering the local citation sources in Australia, New Zealand, and Germany, but at the bottom I also included some general citation sources that are available in large parts of the world, such as Manta, Brownbook, HotFrog, Cylex, Yalwa. I do believe some of these are also available in Indonesia. For a more thorough list, you'd need to specify the category of business you are looking for help for. If the business is in the tourism niche, the list could be pretty long. In any other niche, I don't really think you will have many opportunities, and if I were you, I would have been looking for other types of citation sources ("unstructured" ones). I live in Malaysia, and here besides a handful of business directories, there is absolutely no other way to get structured citations.

The article is below:

Local Citation Sources for Australia, Germany, and New Zealand | Local Search Marketing Blog by NGS

Thanks to both of you. I will check out those resources.

@Linda, I did it again. One day I will post my comments in the right forum. I promise;)

@Nyagoslav, thanks for the resources. I have been working on unstructured citations to some degree. Glad you suggest it as well. Fortunately, we are in the travel niche and so we are not completely without citation sources. And, I have yet to get to Malaysia. Maybe I'll hit you back up again before my next trip and you can suggest a few good places. Heard good things.

Thanks Nyag, I cited your article in both links above too.

Dino in case you have not realized yet, Nyag is the man when it comes to anything citation oriented and knows more than anyone I know about international citations specifically too.
Yeah, I know about this guy...

I was a level 7 in the Google Places forum when I saw him beginning to answer questions as a level 1. Wondered who this guy was, so damn smart, making the rest of us look bad. Next thing I know, he's a level 8 and I was still a level 7. What really struck me was how "right on the mark" his answers and advice was. How could this guy know so much in such a short period of time? Then he's being quoted by Mike in his blog, becomes a Top Contributor and gets included in David's Local Search Ranking Factors list (along with you).

I always like the people who walk the walk as well as talk the talk. Hats off to both of you.

Ya I know he just shot right up out of nowhere, huh?

Nyag, in addition to his many other talents, is also a master at how to build an expert reputation in a short period of time. I bet he could sell a course about that to local search consultants. :p

(We're talkin' bout ya Nyag, but it's all good!)
Let me be the first to sign up for a review copy of that course :)

Here's another question on the issue of citations, perhaps directly to Nyagoslav.

Since most of them require a phone number - indeed, it's clearly part of their NAP - do you have a source for online phone numbers that can be forwarded? For example, the best solution would be to set up a phone number with Google Voice and have it forwarded to my clients in the US, but GV doesn't support Indonesia, nor does Skype and many other providers I've checked.

I'm searching for a source at the moment and have been unsuccessful so far so if you have one, can you share?

Sorry, I haven't been following the thread.

Dino, why would you need to set up such forwarding phone numbers?

Our company provides tours in Bali. There are local listings for Bali Tours so I'm setting up the profile page for that now; however, we do all the bookings from the US since we're targeting travelers who live here, but want to go there.

Since I must have a local Bali number in order to set up a Google Places profile page, I want any calls to Bali to come to me, at least for now, until I am living in Bali permanently, which likely won't be for another year or two.

I suppose it isn't critical since I can always have our Balinese staff refer customers on to me, but they do not speak English very well and aren't very reliable when it comes to these sort of things. I don't like leaving potential customers in their control just yet.


PS. I've enjoyed reading your blog on the topic of citations.

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