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Sep 12, 2012
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Hey guys,

I need an invoicing service that just sends my invoices. I've seen Wave but they won't send invoices unless I use them for payment (at least that's what their cs told me).

Does anyone use a service where you can just send invoices that are marked as "paid"? I have a merchant processor that auto drafts payment every month.
If it's worth $30 a month and an hour you can use Xero to creating repeating invoices that do not get mailed - then enter payment info. I suspect you could use Zapier to trigger that and email receipt but haven't done that.
I'm a fan of freshbooks. I know they had a redesign, but, somehow I was able to stay on the old design which I liked better.

Freshbooks is easy enough to set up, politely nags clients, and keeps track of where you are. I think they all want to also keep track of expenses (which I don't need or want them to do) but, for just invoicing, it's pretty good.
I used another service called Billyapp that I picked up on a deal. Their roadmap looks pretty good and they integrate with a lot of banks. You would need to dig into it to make sure they accept your payment processor.

Just wanted to throw that out there, since it's a relatively unknown but good service. I used them for my consulting / side projects in the past. They also integrate with quickbooks and other accounting software, which is a plus.

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