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Dec 12, 2013
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Hi all,

I don't deal with a lot of lawyers, but, I had a friend who wanted some help. She asked me if Avvo was worth it, and that she had to pay for the enhanced profile to get the link back. She said it was $360 per month for the enhanced profile (I don't know if that was just her, or if it included the 4 others at the firm). What do you think? Seems a bit pricey just for a link.
@HoosierBuff, I probably wouldn't do it, and definitely wouldn't if your client has at least a few other ways she can and will scrounge up links. Relatively few firms/lawyers on Avvo have a good followed link, but a good number of them still seem to get one one way or another, and so it doesn't seem to be a big point of differentiation. In any case, for that amount of money, your client can probably join a couple of local professional organizations.

Are we talking about a profile other than what one gets just as a garden-variety advertiser? Last I checked, those only yield nofollow links.
Thanks for your thoughts. For some reason I had thought they were followed links, but, no, they are not. . . .which, I don't understand why they wouldn't do that. . . it might make guys like me tell them to do it.

I told them to pass.
If the BBB model is any indication, Avvo doesn't want to risk being classified as a link farm. But, like you, I would think the drive to get sign-ups / advertisers would outweigh that concern.

In any event, a couple of more-bespoke link opportunities would help your client more than that one.

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