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Sep 18, 2019
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I've seen several businesses run their website structure this way, where the main website has its services but goes a bit further and creates duplicate pages on a local level in an attempt to rank for hyper-local terms. Keep in mind, that all the services are the same for each location, where it would make sense to just leverage the main services page. I wanted to get your thoughts if there is any benefit in running a website structure this way based on your experience.

This is how we’ve structured ours after a complete rebuild, except we nixed the Services trunk from the Main directory. We have some generic pages (e.g., careers, payments, resources, attorneys) on that directory, but everything service-specific is iterated and search optimized per office location. Seems to be working better for local SERPs. Haven’t fully analyzed the new site’s impact on local pack SERPs yet, but we are trending upward in those for 4/5 locations.
Thanks to AI, you can generate different services descriptions versions.

We have done this and supplemented multi-location brands with individual domains for their territories very succesfully, creating a mesh of highly relevant topically related websites.

So my answer would be yes, you do want to do this, and some.
You can try googling "The definitive guide to subdomains vs subfolder/subdirectories and stand-alone domains"
to understand how to best structure these meshed networks for you.

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