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Dec 18, 2018
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Recently I have been consolidating some old doctor listings into their new ones. To do this I reach out to Google and ask them to mark their old GBP as moved to their new one. In the past, if you search for a business that had been marked as moved, Google will show you their new listing instead. The only way to get to that old listing is with a direct URL. Recently I've run into a handful of cases where Google says they've marked the listing as moved, but when I search for it I still get the old business listing which has been marked as permanently closed. I'm used to seeing the permanently closed label when a business has moved, but I shouldn't be able to see this listing with just a Google search. Does anyone know if Google has stopped redirecting searches for a moved listing?
As far as I know, they still do. I haven't done it in a while. However, the issue you experience where they say they are going to "move" it and end up closing it instead has always been the case. I think it's a training issue with the GBP support team.

If you want to post at the GBP Help forum, including your case ID's from your support interaction, I'd be happy to ask Google about it. Just post the URL to the forum post back over here.

Check this out before posting -- How to Get Help on the Google Business Profile Help Community (Forum) - Sterling Sky Inc
Adding to this thread … Regarding a duplicate business profile (at an old address) that is marked Permanently Closed. I followed the instructions (in Joys article about handling duplicates) to request that it be marked Moved, and received this response from Google support:

“Nikki, we regret to inform you we cannot mark the business profile as moved, we can close it from our end and the business profile is already being listed as closed.”

So, I have the same question… do they not mark them moved anymore?
Hi Nikki,

Yes they do. Check out the Google business profile forum thread above that I helped Jeffrey on.
Hi Nikki,

Yes they do. Check out the Google business profile forum thread above that I helped Jeffrey on.

Thanks, I did look at the forum thread. In my case the incorrect profile IS showing up along the correct one in a brand search on Google Maps.

What’s weird is that I took care of this with Google (asked them to mark it moved) more than a year ago and I hadn’t seen it pop up. But recently the old one is popping up again so I asked them to mark it moved again and got the reply that they could not. Should I open my own thread on the GBP forum?
Can you share the exact query that you are searching and getting the old listing?

Yes. In Google Maps I am searching for “Iconic Energy”. Notice the attached screenshot with the old and the new listing.

The full name of the business in their logo is Iconic Energy Solar Professionals, which is what we are using in their current listing.


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