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I realize it's been less than a week since this was discovered, but I'm curious to know if anyone has received an email like Brian's for non-"Locations" (non-bulk) listings. Obviously since Jade made a post in the Google forum, this is a real thing that is happening, but I haven't heard of other instances besides Brian's yet, so it will be interesting to see how common this becomes.


@Brian Barwig, did you ever get clarification on how to go about resolving this for listings using "Locations"?
Does Un-Verifying mean that these listings get removed?

Or does it mean the many listings on the big G, I would say close to half are out of business, wrong NAP, ETC, will just have a g+ page over a website and lose some ranking but still show up, many in the top 10!

Years later trying to be proactive with many of the listings that have not been put up by the businesses themselves, lol.

You have many business that still rank well and have been out of business for many years.

Maybe they need more space for paid listings.

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