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Sep 18, 2022
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So let’s say you have a gbp for “Boston Plumbers” but that business owners office was 30 miles away from the city of Boston…

Realizing there’s no chance of ranking within Boston, this store owner moves to the city center but is still hiding his address.

Is it possible to change the “hidden” address within google to shift all the geolocation rank juice to this new location?

I know creating 2 locations is an option, but I’m curious on the question above and whether or not it’s possible.
Since no one else has answered, I'll hazard a guess: find the way to request a new postcard verification at the new address and use that as the one and only address.

You prolly have to do that via google support: How do I change the address to get the postcard sent to a new address? Though who knows, you might have to wait a long time that way.

But if you try to do it yourself by editing your address personally, you might get suspended if they suspect you are merely trying to game the system. Changing address on SAB
Will you be able to move to the city center and Boston rank immediately, is not an easy answer. How close would the business be to other plumbers in the area? If and when you move, you will either have to verify by pin postcard if you are not immediately suspended for updating the address. The owner would have to move with the business, meaning you can't use any address and hide it. They will need to update whatever government paper they are registered with to reflect the new address. They have to completely occupy this new or secondary address to adhere to Google's TOS. If the get suspended, they will need to prove that they are at that address.

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