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Sep 18, 2012
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Hi guys

I read an article recently that said it was important to name each file on your website with keywords that you want to rank for, and to also add keywords within the alt and title names. Is there any danger of over doing this on a website? For instance, if I have say 20 pages within my site, each with 5 images with similar filenames and alt/title tags that have keywords is there any danger of Google regarding this as spammy?

Would love to hear your thoughts!
Good question, Jody. Well, I believe that it's definitely important to name all of your images using keywords in the file name and adding alt text as well. But I don't think that you can OVER-optimize an image in Google's eyes. But I also don't think that over-optimizing an image with a bunch of keywords will help you much, either. I think that when it comes to image file names, simpler is better, and you should be as specific in the file name and alt text as possible. I would also suggest making sure that you have the most important keywords listed first. But vary the names and use of keywords, such as by using synonyms. If you have a few well-optimized images on your page, it will give Google a better idea of what your page is about, which will help you rank higher for those particular keywords. And if possible, geotag your images as well.
Definitely optimize images, but do it in a reasonable way. A lot of times people who have every image name "travel agency Cincinnati" are the same people who have over optimized text, that triggers a penalty. It is all about striking a balance.
Thanks for that advice guys, most appreciated! I can see my evening's going to be spent geo-tagging........:)
As said above, I also make sure to include some relevance in the image optimisation.

Just like in the example above, it could instead be "travel-agency-cincinnati-team.jpg" and the photo could be of the "team" to give it more context. It just feels a bit safer and more useful as well.
Googler Andrew Lee last night posted about another Google+ update that relates to geotagging images. You can now geotag your images through your Google+ page by clicking on the image, opening the lightbox, expand "Photo Details", and click on "Add Location".


There is no point in over optimizing the images. When the images are added, one can add the relevant keywords. This will help in ranking the images in the image search results. Also, it is important to modify the images before posting them for avoiding image duplication.
Well, it really doesn't take much extra time to optimize your images, and it may give your listing an advantage. And it's always important to give your images an appropriate, keyword-rich file name. Especially now that Google is showing images of certain types of businesses in their local search results, it's really important to make sure that the images you post online of your business (not only in your Google+ Local listing) are of good quality and appropriate, as you never know which images Google may display of your business.

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