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Jan 29, 2021
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What does it take to get a review that violates the "conflict of interest" policy removed? One of my client's competitors GBP is rife with 5 star reviews left by employees. I have flagged those reviews as "inappropriate" under the "conflict of interest" policy, multiple times over the past 3 months. Yet, nothing has happened.

Alternatively, will submitting redressal forms do anything about this?
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We have seen this too, even in cases in which it is clear from the wording of the review that the review was posted by current or former employees. Sometimes we can solve the problem by trying again from a different Google account, but that doesn't always work.
I've found that reporting reviews is useless except so that you can do an appeal after.

I wouldn't say that it has been completely useless for us, but I would say that it has worked only half of the time. That's just an impression though, I haven't actually measured this with any precision.
Of course, it might also be because we deal mostly with reviews in French. Honestly at this point I have very little trust in Google's capacity to actually understand non-english content in its own systems given some of the howlers included in its own interface.
The most successful way to report fake reviews is to do so on the Google Business Profile Community. The downside is everything you post there is public so it's likely your competitor will know you're reporting them.

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