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Jan 19, 2024
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We have about an 80% Pre queue abandon rate with a filter requiring incoming callers to press 2. It used to be 1 but then a ton of bots were getting through. Is this normal to have 80% of people pre queue abandon?
The provider I use lists those filtered calls as "unanswered" which is a giant pain when trying to give business owners actionable reports. Which provider do you use that allows you to see the filter rate?
We have an IVR that is 16 seconds long - then it goes to queue. Therefore if they hang up before 16 seconds then we term it a pre-queue abandon. We just track in manually in spreadsheets.
I see tons of spam calls, but not 80%. I think it depends on industry, as well as what type of numbers you use. Call tracking numbers are notorious for spam. Sometimes you have to switch out the number if it's too "dirty".

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