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Apr 1, 2022
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Hi I was wondering if there is a service out there (or if Google is providing the data) for indexing all review scores in a region in a business category. For instance, would there be a way to index the average review score (or a xls or Json file of all average review scores of every single location) of all divorce lawyers (That are registered in Google Maps Platform) registered in Ontario?

We would like to create benchmarks for an internal report for several categories and several countries, and we are looking for a scalable solution to collect the data, or at least confirm whether there is a way (save for manual indexing) to gather the data.

Have a wonderful day.
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This Chrome extension has the ability to gather review scores across markets and I believe you can export them as well.

Hi Colan, thanks a lot for the information. It is much appreciated. I set it up and it is incredibly useful for a micro-analysis. However, there is one major limitation, to my understanding the data is limited to the locations shown in the SERP. I would need the data of locations that are also not in the SERP. For instance, if I look for the AVRR for divorce lawyers in NY, Pleper shows me AVRR of top ranked results, and gives me stats about these particular locations which are on the Maps SERP. Do you know if there is a way to bypass that limitation with the extension? We would need to index results for over 100k GBP's to address this particular problem, so I believe the solution shouldn't be Chrome side, it should be either Maps API-side, or should be a third-party-application.
I dont think there is a off the shelf product out there that you can do this. You can though setup something yourself for this.

This is low code. Please note that we have not done this ourselves, but this is how I would architect if I wanted the result.

Step 1: Get all business in a region that with a certain category:
You can make a search term to one of the API or Outscraper and get data of the business at that particular location. Use category name as search term. It will give you a list of business in that area. Record this response, including region.

Step 2:
The result would usually be around the area you search, and not always restricted to the geographic location. Since you have recorded the result, I will just use a Google Sheet or Excel filter to filter only the businesses in the region. Then you can do the rest with Excel itself.

This should do. This will have good chunk of the data you need, but maybe not always all of it.

Hope this helps.
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