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Aug 30, 2023
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It obviously makes citations easier & things like embedding the GBP map and including direction links from POIs to the business location.

In this case, it is a contractor that has a home office where clients sometimes come for discussions, so assuming Google allows the address to be verified I mean.
Yes. Watch this:

Doesn't this only apply for a business who:
  • Creates GBP and verifies with address 1
  • At some point changes display address to address 2
  • At some point hides address to be a SAB
  • Now that their address is hidden, instead of using address 2, google will use address 1 for SAB local ranking
No. The address didn't change for this example or others we tested that showed the same pattern.
This will be interesting to test out. I just enabled the show address option on a SAB that was verified at the same location probably 3 years ago & no verification was triggered.

@JoyHawkins how much time elapsed in your tests for that video between toggling the address off and back on?

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