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Jul 18, 2012
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A new client of mine recently received a scathing review on their Google listing.

My client is pretty amped up- and rightfully so- about the bad review. I've suggested he take some time before responding.

Here's the negative review:

Here's the doctor's response. I'm a little concerned it may come across a little defensive. Thoughts?

I would think that the above review is bogus. The reviewer states that "several years later". I don't know anyone would would take the time several years later to write a negative review.

That being said I do like the response from the Dr. but I would not compare myself to a car mechanics they don't have the best reputation for being honest. I would instead compare myself to a general health practitioner Dr. doing pro active care.
Hi Jaime,

Thanks for your input! Interesting that you said it looks bogus.

My client was notified about this review via email from a company soliciting the client to sign up for service.

I'd hope this isn't some sort of scam. I'm checking to see if my client knows who left the review.
Update: my client doesn't know (or suspect) who left the review.

The reviewer's G+ profile is bare and only has 1 review.
I would post the response that the Dr. has above with the chance from car mechanic to something more reputable (sorry car mechanics) and report the review as SPAM.
I would include in the response that the dr is concerned with her experience and took the time to look up the records for the person. Somewhat surprisingly he wasn't able to locate a patient with that name. he would however love to address the issues she has and leave the response that you gave.

By saying he took the time to look up the records it shows that he cares. It also brings up the issue that it is fake without saying it is fake.

The next question is how many positive reviews does he have?
When the review count is low, one bad review has more impact. In both google and yelp I have bad reviews. However in both cases the bad reviews are positive because they are surrounded by good ones. Bad reviews can be looked at like a positive because it shows that reviews are real. Also the response to the reviews is very very important.

spending some effort to get more reviews will have a big impact on his conversion rate.

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