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Jul 3, 2020
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This is follow-up to the question in the Facebook group here:

I'll see if I can provide more context to the situation.

Our client has/had a GBP. He and his service provider had access.
-the service provider disappeared
-his (the client's) email address was hacked and he lost access
-the address on the listing is/was hidden

We tried to claim the listing but with the address hidden, the "claim" process kicks us out to the "create a new listing" process.

We created a new listing and shared it with the client.

We requested Google allow us to claim the old listing and/or merge the listings to save the reviews.

Google replied letting us know that some listings cannot be claimed. That's it.
"Not all profiles can be claimed. We regret any inconvenience."

I replied and explained the above. They did not respond.
I replied again. No response.

Thoughts anyone? Done this a million times with little bumps along the way but this time it is really bumpity! :)
If the category doesn't match on the listings, sometimes they won't merge them. Is that the case here? Does the phone number and website match?
Both are listed as a general contractor, linked to the https:// version of their website and phone numbers match as well. :(

I did get an email today asking for my first born :))) so will try to work through that and see if I make progress.

I'll update soon.

If they're asking for the first born child, it probably means progress ;)
Pleased to report this finally worked out!

Google continued to say it could not be done but for some unknown reason when I pointed out to them that everything was the same on the 2 listings, they were suddenly willing to merge the two, transfer the reviews and clean it up.

Crazy! @JoyHawkins if you & your team did anything; thank you!

The client thanked us by terminating our services!!! ha ha ha

Oh dear. Well at least you're able to laugh about it :)

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