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Aug 8, 2012
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Linda - i think i have this problem ... i have posted about it here before.

I can dit the listing in the GA dashboard but the Google+ listing is scraping photos and

but there is no way to verify or claim or edit business information. And so now i think i have really blown it because i created a new local page - the pages look very different and this one will allow me to verify/claim/edit business info. the one above only says "manage your business"

In the middle of it i realized i had probably made a mistake and i haven't completed the listing with photos, info etc. Am i correct that i walked right into this nightmare with my eyes open and if so what do you suggest?

Let me add that when i would go to the listing ending in 2551 to report a problem i got the message "if this is your listing calim it and edit it directly" but when i clicked that link i get this message:
[SIZE=-1]This Listing Is Unavailable

You may only access listings that you own. If you created this listing with a different Google Account, please log in to that account and try again. If you've deleted this listing, you may create it again in Google Places.

Go to Google Places[/SIZE]


So maybe i should just delte that listing?
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Re: WARNING: Dual Claimed Ranking Penalty - Drop like a Rock or Get Suspended

Shonda this is pretty scrambled and I'm afraid you may be confused.

And this is going to get VERY complicated to explain and has now turned into a support thread since you listed specific client links.

So I need to split off from the general discussion about http://localsearchforum.catalystema...g-dual-claimed-ranking-penalty-drop-like.html and move to a new support thread.
OK moved.

Don't do anything else. You are mixed about about this and it's not at all what you think, at least not based on what you told me. (Not a dual claimed listing at least which is what the thread you posted in was about.)

I may not be able to circle back to explain til tonight or tomorrow.

But in meantime, please explain this because I'm not sure I understand.

"I can dit the listing in the GA dashboard but the Google+ listing is scraping photos and" ???

GA dash? What do you mean? Scraping photos and??? was there something else? Can you try and explain that part better so when I get back I don't waste time maybe guessing what you meant and going down the wrong path?

Also screen shot of Places dash please.
Hi again Shonda,

Still confused and need answers to the Qs above. But while I have a sec tonight will dig into a couple things.

Since you posted in the dual claimed thread and think you were afraid this listing was that problem. It isn?t because dual claimed listings are both in Places dashboards and they've merged so you only see one listing.

In your case one of those pages is a Place page. The other is a Google+ business pages. 2 different animals and nothing to do with dual claimed listings.

This is a Place page:
(The kind of page that ranks in Google seach - Has review button but no follow button.)

This one is CLAIMED & VERIFIED and you should be able to edit if you have the right log in. I think you were trying to go in the WRONG DOOR and didn't log in right. You were trying to go in the 'front' door - the user door. Going in that way can cause problems, confusion and create unwanted results.

You need to log right into the dashboard at this link:

This is a Google+ Business page: (Does not rank in Google search or have review button but has social features.)

THis one is not verified (or another term is it's not merged with the Place page.) I recommend waiting on that.

Sounds like you were trying to edit the Place page got confused and caused a G+ Business page by accident or something, but I don't really understand how that could happen.

Clarify or explain more if I'm barking up the wrong tree, but that's what I see looking at the outside. Does that sound right?

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