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They advertise virtual offices on their website so I would be very hesitant to depend on being able to set up a GMB listing. If you rent an actual staffed office out of a location you might be able to get it reinstated with pictures/video. You may also want to contact them directly and make sure they don't have policies against GMB listings being verified from their locations, as some office space rentals do prohibit it.
If you have a lockable door and is permanently assigned to you, then this makes things MUCH easier.

We had a Regus location about 8 years ago, no problems, and then again for all of 2019 (two offices in the same building). No problem on the maps at all. Again, these were staffed locations (staffed by myself and my wife).

The part that makes things easier is having the locked door and it's permanently assigned to you. Also, Regus locations are now allowing indoor signage at their front desk. It costs a few dollars per month, but you can now list your sign at the front desk. You are not able to put what room number you are in, but that helps with verification also.
Rik, to answer your question, Yup. I would use it, especially if the suite number matches your mark.

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