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Jul 24, 2019
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I can't seem to find an answer to this. We use CallRail on all client accounts. Make it the primary # on GBP and list their "real" # as secondary.

When setting up a 2nd location, I understand they should use a different phone number. Each location will have its own CallRail # but the client wants to have those forward to his current main business number.

Does the CallRail # count as a "different" number if they both forward to the same (secondary) number? I've always thought that if the same secondary # is shown on both GBP profiles then just having a different tracking # isn't enough. But now I'm not so sure ...

Any advice?
I have same question and not sure I am fully discerning the answer here. @keyserholiday - just to clarify...are you saying that it is ok to have the same "Additional Phone #" on two separate profiles as long as they both have a unique "Primary #" (in this case unique CallRail Tracking #'s as primary)?
You don't have to add the secondary phone number any more. I am not seeing any difference between using it or not using it.

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