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Jun 28, 2012
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<img title="LocalSEO" src="" alt="" width="122" height="61" align="left" hspace="10" />Not sure if I've told you guys how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE Phil's blog post ideas and writing style, but I do! He hits it out of the park again today with another thought provoking post.

He says: "The same is true of local search. Some people seem to think that local search ?optimization? means ?everything?s got to be perfect.? It doesn?t. There isn?t just one correct way to do the steps that will make your business visible to customers in the Google+Local search results and beyond."

When I teach Local SEO I teach that doing every little thing 'right' can make all the difference with local because often competitors are only doing a few things right. So I guess what I try to teach is carefully covering ALL the bases and my "Local SEO Automated Template System" does all of that for you. So I guess what I teach IS perfection. But as Phil says, sometimes you can't do it all and ingredients are missing you just can't get around. That's where his post comes in handy.

Local SEO "Substitutions" |

Granted, for some steps in your local-search campaign there?s no such thing as ?good enough.? For instance, you must follow Google?s ?Quality Guidelines,? or you risk having your business flicked off the local map entirely.

But for other steps ?close counts.? (No, it?s not just in horseshoes and hand-grenades, as the saying goes.)

If you?ve had a tough time of implementing some of the local SEO best-practices you?ve heard from me or from other people, check out my list of ?substitutions,? below.

By definition, a substitution isn?t perfect. These are no exceptions. Think of them in terms of ?if you can?t do this, do that.?

Go read the rest - it's worth your time and may stimulate some other ideas.

One suggestion Phil offered that I would give you an enhanced tip about, is his exact match domain idea.

"Then use as the landing page for your Google+Local listing. I would get city and MAIN keyword in there instead of name. I'd do

What do you think about Phil's article?
Any questions or other ideas?
Hey Linda,

Thanks for the kind words!

I?d love to hear any questions / suggestions from other members of your awesome forum. I?m sure there are at least a few other items that one can ?substitute,? and I?m sure if anyone can think of them, it?s you guys.
I rarely post on my google plus account but I shared your link before I read the topic on this forum.
Thanks for sharing this Linda, and I completely about Phil's blog - it's fantastic!

It's certainly amongst my favorite Local SEO blogs, and I'd recommend anyone here to go ahead and subscribe to the RSS feed etc.

Phil: Thanks for stopping by, and keep up the great work with the Blog. :)

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